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Sacranet has been providing web services to clients since before the turn of the century! (Well, since 1999).

Dwight Finger It was in 1997 that I put together my first, rather simple, web site dealing with family genealogy. To do this, I had to learn the language of the web, HTML. As time went on and I updated the site, I realized I was learning more about web programming. It then occurred to me that the skills I had developed could be used to help others, so I made my talents available and soon was helping one, then two, then three... clients. Although HTML can still be used to compose web pages, I'm now working with XHTML, which offers more compatibility. Of course nothing stands still in the world of computers. Both HTML and XHTML are soon due for replacement with the new HTML5 which is now on the horizon. Sacranet is slowly phasing in the use of this new standard.

Although there are a number of automated programs to create web pages and generate that code (WYSIWYG editors), I feel that my 'hand coding' results in more efficient and more compatible web sites.

I do the work myself, I know each client, and I give each one personal attention. This personal relationship results in a sense of comfort and trust between my clients and me.

Sometimes the question comes up, I recently saw an ad for a do-it-yourself website. Do I really need to hire you?
Here's my Answer

As technology moves on, I find there are always things I can learn about new techniques in web site development.

I invite you to call and speak to me personally, and we can discuss your website desires and needs.

Dwight Finger, Webmaster
  916-721-9380     fax: 916-726-3778